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Rävala pst 4
EE-10143 Tallinn
E: lextal@legalknowledgeportal.com
T: +372 6400 250
F: +372 6400 260

LEXTAL is a full-service business law firm with offices in each of the Baltic States: Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga) and Lithuania (Vilnius). LEXTAL was launched in Estonia 2003, and has a strong position among the top legal firms in the country.
In 2009 the firm opened office in Moldova, and in 2011 LEXTAL merged with well-established law firms in Latvia and Lithuania. LEXTAL Tallinn lawyers have been instrumental in the re- nationalization of Estonian Railways, as well as the sales of several public assets. They successfully handled one of the biggest tax disputes with Estonian Tax authorities.
On international scale, they undertook several infrastructure development projects in Balkan states. LEXTAL lawyers served as arbitrators or counsels in international disputes in Washington, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius.

LEXTAL: A brief guide to Business Law in the Baltics

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